Reforming Seattle streets to put people first
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Act now to tell city leaders you stand with us in reforming our streets so that they work for all people – regardless of how we get around.


We’re all looking for a safe, efficient, and affordable way to get around Seattle. That’s why Cascade is part of the Move All Seattle Sustainably (MASS) Coalition, and that’s also why together, we’ve launched the MASS Transportation Package. This suite of policy reforms and investments will make a big difference to the majority of Seattle’s residents, workers, and visitors who choose to get around by biking, walking, rolling, or busing in Seattle.

The City Council and Mayor Durkan need to hear from you today so they act to make sure it’s easy and safe for you and your neighbors across Seattle to get from A to B, and places in between.

Tell Seattle leaders: Pass the MASS package!

Stand with us in asking the mayor and council to make biking safer and more accessible by:

  • Adopting new maintenance standards for bike lanes, trails, and greenways.

  • Requiring the city to build a planned bike route when they’re already upgrading the street. 

  • Funding all-ages routes to connect Seattle by bike: through SE Seattle, SODO and Georgetown; along the waterfront; and through downtown on 4th Ave. 

  • Develop a policy to rapidly expand bike parking to accommodate bikeshare bikes (and potentially scooters) so that bikes can be parked safely -- out of the way of pedestrians and people with mobility challenges -- and located easily by a future user.

  • Ensure a true multimodal Seattle by considering the needs of all people (not just those in cars) as they plan all future road improvements. 

  • Read up on the full MASS Transportation Policy Package here. 

And that’s not all:

We’re also asking our leaders to create a robust network of bus priority corridors connecting Seattle’s neighborhoods to make public transit fast, reliable, and efficient. And, by enhancing the sidewalk repair program, building more sidewalks along dangerous streets, adopting a signals policy that puts people first, and helping ensure that our kids have safe routes to school, Seattle can be more safe and inviting for people walking.

At its heart, this is a package of funding and policy asks that will make for streets where we put people first. 

Lets Make Seattle Safe

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