This Bike Everywhere Month community shared #WhyIBike

This May, we shone a light on the myriad of reasons why people choose to bike, through a social media campaign: #WhyIBike

Whether for health or happiness, for future generations or your future self, the universal truth people who bike report: it's fun!

As another Bike Everywhere Month draws to a close, don't miss your chance to let us know why you bike, by tagging @cascadebicycle and #WhyIBike on social media. Share your photos, videos and stories. 

By participating in Bike Everywhere Month, and any other day you pedal, you are helping is create a bike friendly city. Being a part of events like Bike Everywhere Month shows elected officials and transportation planners that we need a safe, connected and accessible network of bikeways and trails. You can help: Sign up today to add your voice and ask to invest in more safe places to bike.

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Vicky Clarke