Make biking and walking count in your neighborhood!

Sign up today! Volunteers needed for to make people walking and biking Washington state count!!   

It’s almost time for the Washington State Bicycle and Pedestrian Count! This year, nearly 400 volunteers will sign up to document bicycle and pedestrians counts at crucial junctions.  This data is collected and shared with decision makers, planners and interested citizens. It helps demonstrate the need for investing in safer and connected bikeways and walkways across the state. 

Volunteers are crucial to success of the bicycle and pedestrian count program. With more volunteers counting more places in more cities, a larger sample size of how many people are biking provides more confidence in estimating the number of bicycle riders using Washington’s trails and streets annually.

Count locations across Washington state

Make people biking and walking count in Washington state - sign up today

This year’s count will take place across three days: Tuesday, September 25, Wednesday, September 26, and Thursday, September 27.  Volunteers choose either a 2-hour morning shift (7-9am) or an evening shift (4-6pm).

However, this effort is impossible without you. Join the hundreds of volunteers who pick a two-hour time slot to count. You can pick your time slot and location. Once you sign up, you will receive instructions and more information. To register, go to the volunteer signup portal today!

Sign up for the count today!

Want to learn where people are biking and walking in your part of the state? Explore the data collected near you the annual counts by visiting the WSDOT Bicycle and Pedestrian Count Portal.

Thank you in advance!

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