Building Bike Networks on Both Sides of Lake Washington

Connected bike networks get more people, and more types of people, on bikes. That’s why Cascade is advocating that cities – both east and west of Lake Washington, and beyond – build connected networks of bike lanes, starting with their downtowns. And we’re seeing results.

Here’s why networks matter. Time and again, cities across north America and beyond have seen numbers – and types – of people on bikes increase when they’ve done one thing: build connected networks of bikeways. It’s simple: when key destinations are accessible via safe bike routes that are connected (and don’t dead end into traffic), then hopping on a bike to commute, or run errands is more comfortable and intuitive for people of all ages, backgrounds, comfort levels, and genders.

Cascade has been advocating since 2016 that both Seattle and Bellevue build out connected networks. Last week marked milestones on both sides of the Lake…

First Downtown Lane is a Taste of the Bellevue Bike Network to Come

Last Tuesday, Bellevue celebrated the grand opening of the 108th Ave demonstration bikeway, which runs north-south between Main St to 12th Ave, through the heart of downtown. It’s a big step towards building the Bellevue Bike Network – not just by laying down a key route, but also by gathering data that will help make the case for investing in more of the network.

The City of Bellevue will measure levels of use, as well as impacts to all road users and to the surrounding businesses, during a one-year pilot program. While there’s a ways to go to build a safe, connected, and protected network, the bikeway on 108th starts to pave the way. Next up? Advocating for a safe east-west connection through downtown.

Seattle’s Basic Bike Network is Once Again on Track; Council Has it’s Back

Last Monday, Seattle City Council unanimously approved a new roadmap to build much of the Basic Bike Network by the end of 2019. It’s a huge milestone: A safe, unbroken connection through downtown, from Dearborn to Weslake, and connecting to Capitol Hill via Pike/Pine, is on the cards – and ostensibly on the ground – 18 months from now. The work ahead: hold the city accountable to the timeline they’ve set forth to build the Basic Bike Network.

This council action is a momentous step, made all the more impactful by the almost 100 people who filled council chambers mid-July, and the powerful support vocalized by numerous council members on July 30 from the council dias. One consistent theme from everyone who spoke: the Basic Bike Network is long overdue.

We Can’t Do It Without You

Support from donor contributions has made this work possible. We need your gift to continue the momentum and to hold the city and our elected officials accountable so that the vision of safe places to bike for everyone in Seattle is realized.

Day-in and day-out Cascade is working with city officials, business partners, and caring neighbors in Seattle, Bellevue and beyond to make biking safe and easy for everyone. We are able to do this work because of donor contributions from supporters like you. Cascade is a trusted voice in policy and advocacy, and our work has resulted in over one billion dollars in new biking and walking investments statewide.

Make a gift to help us continue to create safe bikeways for everyone.

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