Paving the Way for Safe Biking in Bellevue

Celebrate the grand opening of downtown’s first protected bike lane on July 31, 2018. Let us know if you can join!

Safe places for people on bikes can make all the difference. Join us on Tuesday, July 31 at 11:30 a.m. to celebrate the grand opening of Bellevue’s first demonstration bikeway on 108th Ave NE, launch the new bikeshare program, and show city leaders your support for building the Bellevue bike network.

For the first time, the new mile-long protected bikeway creates a true north-south connection through downtown. It’s also a big step towards safe, convenient multi-modal transportation in Bellevue.

The 108th Ave NE demonstration bikeway pilot will run for one year as part of the city’s “rapid implementation” approach. By quickly building a protected bikeway and measuring impacts for users and nearby businesses, the city can iterate and refine for subsequent projects.

Bellevue’s brand-new bikeshare program also launches on July 31. To start, 400 e-bikes will be deployed throughout the city by LimeBike, with opportunity to increase fleet numbers each month. Bikeshare in Bellevue will be different than in Seattle. Among other rule changes for LimeBike, bikeshare trips can’t be ended in City parks.

What’s next? Cascade will be advocating for the Bellevue Bike Network to connect businesses and communities to downtown, and to create intuitive links to regional bicycle trails like the Eastside Rail Corridor, Mountains to Sound Greenway Trail, and the SR-520 Trail.

At the grand opening celebration, you’ll have the chance to experience the new demonstration bikeway: Test ride e-bikes through Bellevue’s brand-new bikeshare program, launching on July 31 (or bring your own bike!). The first 50 to test-ride win a helmet from LimeBike. Cascade and partners will host booths with goodies, including lunch and refreshments donated by Caffe Ladro, Evergreens Salad, Jimmy Johns, and others.


Thank you to the business leaders and community members who voiced their support for the Bellevue Bike Network this year. More than a thousand people submitted a response to the demonstration bikeway survey, and nearly 100 more helped make this project happen by attending Transportation Commission and Council briefings (sporting Bellevue Bike Network t-shirts!), attending the November 2017 demonstration bikeway open house, and completing Bellevue’s community bike share survey.

Can’t join us in person from 11:30 - 1:30 on July 31? You can still show your support for this exciting new bikeway: Send a thank you note to Bellevue’s leaders for making this project a reality.

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Claire Martini