Field Notes from the 2018 Washington Bike Summit
WA Bikes Summit
We learned a great deal, and closed out the Washington Bike Summit feeling energized, educated, and empowered! 


190 attendees and speakers convened in late March for the first-ever Washington Bike Summit in Spokane  

The 2018 Washington Bike Summit was important, not only because of the topics discussed, but where these discussions took place. This was the first time that Cascade Bicycle Club hosted the Washington Bike Summit in Eastern Washington, and we were thrilled to connect so many advocates from across the state.   

There were many great presenters at this year’s Washington Bike Summit, and many of their presentations are available for review.

Keynote speaker Oboi Reed demonstrated the importance of including communities of color in the process, differentiating between equality and equity, and showed us how biking can transform lives.

Keynote speaker Mayor Blake Sanders examined the collaborative nature of planning, demonstrating how every city can become an innovator, and shared ways to connect people with their town by bike.

Photo highlights for the Washington Bike Summit

WA Bike Summit photo story

Save the Date for February 2019!

The next Washington Bike Summit will take place February 11 and 12, 2019 in Olympia WA. Activities will include an optional lobby day at the State Capitol and presentations addressing topics on  the leading edge of  bicycling. We’ve already secured keynote speaker Robin Mazumder talk about human-centered urban design and how his experience as an occupational therapist led to new understanding of the psychological impacts of urban design.  This will build on this year’s discussion of community-focused design and collaboration.   

If you attended the Washington Bike Summit this year, please take three minutes to fill out this short survey. Your reflections will help us plan future summits, including locations, speakers and topics. 

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Our sincere thanks to the sponsors of the 2018 Washington Bike Summit

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