Innovative Ideas at 2018 Washington Bike Summit

The invention of the bicycle was a major innovation in transportation. Navigating cities and countrysides with ease and delight, the bicycle was nothing short of a revolution.

Today the bicycle is still adapting and changing to meet our desires in various ways; in the past year we’ve seen the boom of dockless bike share in the United States that began its first large citywide pilot here in Washington state! From the rise in e-bikes to family-friendly cargo bikes, major bicycle innovations are afoot in that will change how people get around.

From speakers pioneering innovations in biking to bike rides with community leaders, the 2018 Washington Bike Summit offers an engaging 2-day experience for you to learn, share and connect with people who want to improve bicycling for all and take part in bicycling innovations.

Best of all, the Summit will be held for the first time in Spokane. Featuring some of the state’s largest linear trails for biking, as well as new exciting investments in mobility, attendees will get to learn firsthand from leaders in communities around Spokane, Eastern Washington, as well as other parts of the state the keys to innovate and lead in bicycling.

Registration is now open for the Bike Summit from April 29 - 30 Spokane Falls Community College.

Keynote Speakers:

Oboi ReedOlatunji Oboi Reed

Olatunji’s passions are community, culture and health. He works internationally as a tactician, strategist, advocate, community organizer in the fields of racial equity and mobility justice in communities of color across the United States.Olatunji Oboi Reed serves as the President & CEO of Equiticity, a national, racial equity movement operating at the intersection of equity, mobility and justice in communities of color across the US. Oboi co-founded and recently served as the President & CEO of the Slow Roll Chicago bicycle movement. In 2015, Oboi was awarded The White House Transportation Champion of Change award by The White House and the United States Department of Transportation. Oboi is a member of the Steering Committee for the Chicagoland Regional Equity Network. He is also a member of the PolicyLink Transportation Equity Caucus.

MayorBlake Sanders

Mayor Blake Sanders a landscape architect with Alta Planning and Design firm and elected Mayor from West Pelzer, South Carolina, who provides a distinctly rural perspective to the summit. Blake utilized his streetscape and bike and greenway design experience and brought that professional experience back to his hometown in 2015. After a successful campaign for mayor of the Town of West Pelzer (Pop. 980), he implemented four (4) miles of bicycle lanes and has successfully created a sense of community through a capital improvement plan that encourages walking and biking as a daily routine for many residents. West Pelzer has gone from pass-through, run-down mill town to a vibrant small town with over $2M in public and private economic development since taking office. This kind of innovative thinking has the power to transform small town economies all over the country.

Cascade is thrilled to deliver a full schedule of sessions with a stronger focus on community and advocacy on Sunday and technical track on Monday.

Register today to get up-to-speed on innovations in bicycling today! 

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