Live Web Event on Feb. 15: Cycling the Pacific Coast

By guest author Bill Thorness

Is a long-haul tour along the ocean in your plans for this year? The Pacific Coast is a great cycling vacation, whether you just go for a few days or take a month or two and really tackle those winding, coastal roads.

I’ve got some tips for you, and I’m happy to share. My new book, “Cycling the Pacific Coast: The Complete Guide from Canada to Mexico,” charts the entire route, plus city tours, side trips and lots of diversions. And I show you how to bite it off in chunks if you only have a week or two for your cycling vacation.

If you missed my live presentation at CBC’s education room, here’s another chance to get excited about the most popular long-range cycling route in the U.S. Travel with me as I discover crashing surf, rocky headlands, epic coastal climbs, deep forests, wide sand beaches, seaside burgs and vibrant cities. You will soon wish you were on your bike doing the same!



Cascade and Mountaineers Books are co-sponsoring a unique live webinar that you can enjoy from your own computer or device. It’s Tuesday, Feb. 15, 7-8 p.m. (Register now.) If you can’t actually watch it at that time, you should still register, because our techie folks will send you a copy of the show via email after the fact. 

I’ll be sharing lots of intel and showing images from my two years of research:

• Logistics for key route access points

• Trip planning, packing, and safety advice

• Can’t miss major sites along the way (and kitschy local attractions too!)

• Suggested itineraries for segments and the complete tour

Hope you can join us for this fun live web event. SAVE YOUR SEAT TODAY!

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