David Temple: My STP is for my family and community

David Temple knows bikes. For the last 15+ years, he’s been a Puyallup Police Department Bicycle Patrol officer. Since he’s accustomed to spending hours in the saddle, the STP seemed like a natural fit. 

David’s STP story started many years ago as a single friendly bet with a corrections officer colleague: that David couldn’t complete the STP in one day, on his patrol bike, in his police gear. Challenge accepted. Challenge won.

David’s victory over his colleague was the start of a tradition of sorts. David’s 2017 STP journey was just one of many successes. “I believe this year is my 10th or 11th, can’t remember. Maybe more,” he recalled of last summer’s ride. 

Why does David keep coming back for the same bet? As a police officer, he’s seen a lot in his professional and personal life. “Riding relieves a lot of stress,” he reminded us. 

Of his STP journey, David says that he’s met a lot of great people who support law enforcement, and has even gained some friends along the way. “I know 204 miles is a long way on a mountain bike, but flying the flag and showing support—and jokes—along the way is a real pleasure,” he said. “Police cycling and the STP get me out into the public, and I meet different people of all walks of life,” he continued. “Everyone has a different story. I don't know theirs and they don't know mine. So we are on a level playing field when conversations begin.”

We’re definitely betting on David in 2018. 

David will ride for his family and community. What will you ride for? Registration for the 2018 STP is now open

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