ICYMI: Ballard Rallies for the Missing Link

Missed Last week’s event? There’s still time to show your support by writing Mayor Durkan today.

With a decision from the Seattle Hearing Examiner due any day, approximately 160 caring neighbors and business owners braved the weather last week in Ballard to show support for the completion of the Missing Link of the Burke-Gilman Trail.

Speakers at the event held at Peddler Brewing, included Seattle City Councilmember Mike O’Brien, Matthews Beach neighbors who formed the original coalition to build the Burke Gilman Trail in 1972, as well as Cascade’s own Kelsey Mesher.

Their message - and that of supporters in the audience - drove home the passion to complete the Missing Link in time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the vision that created a regional treasure for people of all ages that walk, bike, jog, or roll along the trail.

Also, late last week the Seattle Department of Transportation provided the Seattle City Council an update on the extensive stakeholder involvement, as well as the design improvements that have been made since the issuance of the Final Environmental Impact Statement. As Interim SDOT Director Goran Sparrman - who has been away from this project for several years - commented, he is impressed how the project now incorporates design elements that benefits all users, including walkers, trucks, bicycles, and cars.



Now all eyes are on the results from the Seattle Hearing Examiner who will be providing a ruling on the appeal of the Missing Link EIS any day. Regardless, of the outcome, it’s important that supporters of a better Ballard and those who want a safe trail show their support to Mayor Durkan. Take a moment today to tell the Mayor that 2018 is the Year of the Missing Link!

After the decades of hard work, dedication and, compromise from an incredible variety of community members, now more than ever we have a clearer path forward for what needs to be done to realize a 50-year vision of a completed Burke-Gilman Trail. Show Mayor Durkan you support a completed Missing Link today!

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