You sent stacks of letters supporting the East Lake Sammamish Trail. What’s next?
Let's keep up the pressure and tell King County and the City of Sammamish that we want them to work together to finalize the plans and permits needed to complete the trail. 

This January, more than 450 Cascade members and supporters from around the Puget Sound region wrote letters in support of King County’s shoreline permit application and for completing the final segment of the East Lake Sammamish Trail.

Sammamish City Council and King County Parks staff, along with the city staff charged with processing the permit, received every one of those letters — which included over 60 messages from Sammamish residents, and another 100 or so from neighbors in Issaquah and Redmond. And as far away as Seattle, Bremerton and even Ellensburg, people like you were moved to write in support of the trail, because regional trails connect us to one another, to the outdoors and to the places we want to go.

Each individual letter you sent made a difference, and let city and county officials know that we’re paying attention, and we want their action. Several supporters amplified that impact at the Sammamish Council meeting this week by telling council that they are looking forward to a completed trail to use and enjoy. We’ll let you know about upcoming opportunities to reiterate this message, and to support completion of the trail.

The stories people shared in their comment letters were both moving and inspiring — from explicit hopes for using the trail in future, to safety fears for themselves and their children in using the current on-road alternative. This outpouring demonstrated the breadth of support for completing the East Lake Sammamish so that the entire community — regardless of age and ability — can use and enjoy the lakeside trail.

As King County gears up to complete this regional trail, supporters need to keep the pressure on.

Let’s make sure King County and the City of Sammamish get the message that we want them to work together to finalize plans and permits needed to complete the trail and provide the community with the amenity we have invested so much energy and money in.




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Vicky Clarke