The East Lake Sammamish Trail needs pro-trail voices now more than ever
Action needed to advance the trail

At last week’s Sammamish City Council meeting, over 20 trailside homeowners urged council not to approve the permit that will complete the East Lake Sammamish Trail. Without voices in support of the trail to endorse approval of the shoreline permit, the project will stall.

Tell the city of Sammamish now that you approve of the trail, as proposed. 

The reality is hard to comprehend, especially since construction of another one-mile segment of the trail is slated for completion this fall — leaving just a single 3.6-mile segment of the 11-mile East Lake Sammamish Trail to be finished. 

What’s happening on the trail? 

The trail is 20 years in the making, and will provide a safe, connected and protected alternative to the East Lake Sammamish Parkway road. For people who walk, bike and run, the trail will connect Sammamish to Issaquah and Redmond — and to the regional trail network.

Issues that continue to delay completion of the trail are summarized in a recent Sammamish Review article, which captures perspectives from pro-trail advocates the Friends of the East Lake Sammamish Trail, trail owner King County,  and Cascade Bicycle Club — all of whom want to see the trail built.

Your help is needed now

In December King County submitted a shoreline permit application to the city of Sammamish for the final 3.6 mile segment of the trail. It is one of two permits needed from the city to complete the trail. The city is seeking public comments through 5 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 27. Please send your comments now.

Your comments on the shoreline permit are critical at this time because the sad reality is this: Without your help, the final segment of the trail will not be completed to regional and national trail standards, resulting in a trail that’s not safe for people of all ages and abilities who want to walk, bike and run. Now more than ever, your voice in support of the trail is needed. 

Cascade’s comments on the permit application and proposed trail design

As part of the public comment period on the permit application, Cascade provided comments, centered three requests to the city of Sammamish:

  • Request 1: Approve the permit application: Complete this regional trail and local amenity
  • Request 2: Follow AASHTO national standards: Allow for all users (people on bikes, people walking) of all ages and abilities (as proposed in the permit application).
  • Request 3: Give crossing priority to the trail at roads and driveways: Ensure safety and predictability (as proposed in the permit application). 

Please submit your note to the city of Sammamish now, and consider sharing this information with your friends and neighbors. The trail needs voices of support!