Wishing Ed Ewing all the best

Ed Ewing has decided to move on from Cascade, and his last day will be November 4. On behalf of Cascade's staff and board, please join us in wishing him all the best in his future beyond Cascade. His departure is truly a loss for the organization and we are filled with appreciation and gratitude for all he has done for Cascade Bicycle Club and the Major Taylor Project. 

"Ed's leadership and passion for biking have helped create the social justice lens at Cascade that will live on long after his departure from the organization in November," said Executive Director Elizabeth Kiker. "He leaves us with some enormous shoes to fill, and some great work to build on, as we ensure the Major Taylor Project continues to grow and thrive in the coming years."

We thank Ed for helping build Cascade Bicycle Club and the Major Taylor Project into the impactful institution and program they are today. His tremendous institutional wisdom, commitment to diversity, and deep community networks grew the Major Taylor Project from an idea to what it is today. 

"I am leaving at a good time with Cascade Bicycle Club and the Major Taylor Project strong and positioned for growth. The Project is in 14 schools hosting 18 weekly rides and has record numbers of participating students. Major Taylor Project Manager, Rich Brown and the Major Taylor Project Ride Leader community, are the perfect stewards for the Major Taylor Project as we begin next steps," Ed said. "Through the collective leadership, knowledge, experience, and passion of so many community supporters, the Major Taylor Project is poised for significant impact and meaningful growth."

We hold nothing but gratitude and admiration for Ed's impact and legacy at Cascade. We thank Ed for his vision and energy in his leadership of the Major Taylor Project, and we welcome his continued involvement with the program in the future. Doubling the Major Taylor Project in the next five years is one of Cascade's strategic goals. We are committed to continue Ed's legacy and continue to grow the Major Taylor Project initiative.