Here's your chance to make walking and biking safer in Bellevue!

Vote yes on Bellevue's Prop 2 - the levy to fund transportation safety, connectivity and congestion improvements.

This November Bellevue voters have a rare opportunity to support funding for transportation improvements in their city - and the focus of the measure should please anyone in Bellevue irrespective of how they get around town.

City Council voted unanimously to send this measure to the voters and raise $140 million over 20 years through a property tax levy. Revenue would supplement existing capital funding to address the backlog of locally-oriented projects. If passed, the measure will impact every neighborhood in the city and build projects that address safety, connectivity and congestion.

Accelerating implementation of these projects will make Bellevue's neighborhoods safer, sooner. Learn about potential impacts in your neighborhood through interactive map.

Projects will:

  • Build new sidewalks
  • Institute traffic calming measures
  • Build new and improve existing bike facilities
  • Complete school safety projects
  • Institute signalization and intersection improvement projects to alleviate congestion.

Proposition 2 would be a big win for people in Bellevue who bike - or want to!

Levy funding would accelerate implementation of the Bellevue Bike Network. The city’s Bicycle Rapid Implementation Plan lays the framework for the bike network and proposes expanding the network from 107 to 128 miles - that’s 57 miles of new or upgraded facilities, including 23 miles of separated bike lanes. There’s some funding for the bike network in the proposed 2017-18 budget - but if the levy passes the city can build out the network faster!

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Vicky Clarke