The last 1.5 miles of the Burke-Gilman Trail
Connect Ballard

It’s the last mile before you reach home. As you near the end you know you are so close to reaching your destination, your goal, something you’ve worked toward for years. You know that feeling when you are almost there — so close you can taste it!

After a decades-long journey, we need your input to determine how the 1.5 miles of the Burke-Gilman Trail Missing Link will be completed.

Now is the time to show up and speak up for the route to make the Burke-Gilman Trail safe, simple and connected.

The Burke-Gilman Trail must be: 

  • Safe for people of all ages who walk, pedal or roll on the trail
  • Simple to navigate, with the fewest intersections
  • Connected from Golden Gardens to the regional trail network

With the lens of safe, simple and connected, here is a cheat sheet to help you understand how each alternative measures up.

Please note: this cheat sheet is not meant to be a complete analysis of the routes; for that information please see the Draft Environmental Impact Statement.




Connected Trail Network

Shilshole South Alternative

Most direct route with the fewest turns

People would cross four intersections

41 driveways / load zone crossings

Best sightlines for driveways

Improved safety for all trail users

Shortest distance at 1.38 miles

Maintains the integrity of trail experience

Shilshole North Alternative

Requires several turns, including a left onto NW Market Street

People would cross 14 intersections 

58 driveways / load zone crossings

Challenging sightlines on some driveways

Improved safety for all trail users

1.48 miles

Most similar to the route currently travelled by people bicycling

Ballard Avenue Alternative

Requires the most turns and jogs of all routes

People would cross 16 intersections

Interuppted access during the Ballard Farmers Market

42 driveways / load zone crossings

Crowded pedestrian environment could result in trail conflicts between people bicycling and people walking

Longest route at 1.65 miles

Does not provide the trail experience

Adjacent to local businesses on Ballard Avenue

Leary Alternative

Requires several left turns across arterial streets

People would cross 13 intersections with greater wait times at arterials

33 driveways / load zone crossings

Both Leary Avenue NW and NW Market Street are arterial streets with higher traffic and truck volumes 

Could reduce sidewalks by up to 12 feet on NW Market Street

1.54 miles

Does not provide trail experience

Could negatively impact transit service

Say you’ll join us at the open houses on Thursday, July 14 or Saturday, July 16 to speak up for a trail that is safe, simple and connected.