We did it!

City of Seattle Proposition 1: the Transportation Levy to Move Seattle passed handily, with a wide margin of support — thanks to Cascade’s awesome members, voters and supporters in Seattle. This was a clear victory for an innovative and far-reaching transportation vision: for safer streets, more bike lanes and faster transit.

The polls were shaky, the Seattle Times editorial board was strongly opposed and the deep, deep pockets of the opposition were worrying — but we pulled together and delivered a huge victory for the entire city.

Creating the Move Seattle levy was a collaborative process. It started last fall when Cascade and our partners in active transportation and equity met to dream up an ideal transportation plan for Seattle, generously underwritten by the Bullitt Foundation.

This coalition, including Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, Washington Bikes, Puget Sound Sage, One America, Futurewise, Transportation Choices Coalition and Feet First, together mapped out a vision for the city that creates an equitable, inclusive transportation system.

We met often — together and with staff from the mayor’s office and the Seattle Department of Transportation — to further develop the plan and assist in the creation of the bold, visionary Move Seattle Levy.

And last night, this vision won handily. We are so excited to be a leading part of this process and to see this dream become a reality over the next nine years. Thank you, Cascade members and supporters, for your vision and your vote!

In other election news, all of Cascade’s eight Seattle-endorsed candidates are leading their races. And around the region, the story is similar. In the 40 races Cascade endorsed in, 36 candidates are leading at this point. This means we will see more transportation leaders around Puget Sound working to enhance all modes of transportation and creating connected, comfortable facilities for those who wish to ride a bike.

Look for a complete recap of the election results from us soon. Today, take some time to celebrate an amazing election day for bicycling in the Puget Sound region.