Your Tip Sheet for a Bike-Friendly Ballot

On Tuesday, Nov. 3, we have the opportunity to vote on critical ballot measures and elect pro-bike leaders who will improve streets, build more bike lanes and improve trails across the region.

For Seattleites who want better places to ride (or walk, or use transit or drive for that matter), the most important item on the ballot is Proposition 1: the Transportation Levy to Move Seattle.

This $930 million levy will provide the funding to implement Seattle’s Bicycle Master Plan that was adopted in 2014. The levy will build over 50 miles of protected bike lanes and 60 miles of greenways while also funding many of Cascade’s priority projects such as the Missing Link of the Burke-Gilman Trail and the Northgate Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge.

Creating a comfortable, safe, useful and connected network of bike infrastructure requires political leadership from elected officials at all levels. That's why Cascade is committed to educating and electing leaders, no matter their political stripe, who will prioritize passing laws, supporting key projects and allocating funding for improving bicycling in the Central Puget Sound Region.

All official candidates from across the region were invited to participate in Cascade’s endorsement process, which includes a questionnaire on bicycle related positions and plans, and an in person interview with the candidate. For more details and candidates' questionnaires, visit

Here are Cascade’s 2015 endorsements and your tip sheet for a bike-friendly ballot.