Never too old to learn

By Kalpana Kanal, Cascade member

In my 47 years of life, I never learned how to ride a bicycle, and the first time I heard about Cascade Bicycle Club was when I went for my annual check-up with my endocrinologist.

My doctor is a bicycle commuter, and like most doctors, he practices and preaches the benefits of exercise. He’s always worried about my stress level and my lack of exercise. He suggested I join Cascade so I could learn how to ride a bike and make bicycling a part of my daily exercise. So I contacted Cascade and signed up for the “Learn to ride” class, a one-on-one class with an instructor. I was extremely apprehensive about learning how to ride–more importantly, scared of falling–which I did several times. My instructor was extremely patient with me and helped me learn the basics during several sessions of this class.

I have him to thank for giving me the confidence to overcome my fears. After several classes and the “Back to basics” class, I actually felt comfortable riding. A follow-up with more one-on-one time with another instructor helped me gain even more confidence. I did my first ride around the park and then on the road.

You can never be too old to learn a new thing.

What an achievement, at least to me!

I am getting better every day, and I hope to someday be a bicycle commuter like my doctor.

Thanks to my doctor for suggesting the idea. Thanks to Cascade for teaching me how to ride a bike well, giving me the confidence to overcome by fear and helping me get in shape!

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Kalpana Kanal