Al Miller: Exceptional Ride Leader

Al Miller has been recognized as an Exceptional Ride Leader for creating fun and interesting rides that appeal to a wide range of riders, and for extending rides into areas north and south of King County.

Al says he suffered from LOBS (“late-onset bicycling syndrome”) as he neared a milestone birthday. He signed up for the Seattle to Portland (STP) in 1997 and describes that ride as a great introduction to Northwest cycling because he rode the entire rainy ride! Al enjoys the accomplishment of riding and the challenge of hills and distance and spent his first years of riding solo. He came to group riding through the Cascade Training Series (CTS) in 2007.

“CTS opened me up to the benefit of group riding and the camaraderie associated with riding with a mix of new people and longer term riding partners,” Al said.

Cascade Free Group Rides provided him with new riding partners and showed him the diversity of ride routes. He particularly enjoyed the RAMROD Training Series, which broadened his perspective of where he could ride successfully.

Al realized that he enjoyed learning new routes and enjoyed riding with a purpose (e.g., an event goal).

He was instrumental in developing a number of new ride series. Three of the most successful exist largely due to his efforts, including: 
CHEW (Climbing Hills Eastside in Winter) series. This series includes winter hill climbing for motivated individuals.
MEETS (Mid-week Eastside Evening Training Series). This is a series of mid-week after-work rides Al developed that integrated with the weekend CTS training concepts.
GR2R (Getting Ready to Ride). This series of rides Al developed to help new/ returning riders prepare themselves for the CTS training (or other Free Group Rides) and to successfully go on to ride STP, RSVP or other major events. Look for start locations in Seattle, on the Eastside and in the South End.

Thanks Al for all your amazing work!