Youth Bike Summit: Q&A with Brook Negussie

Brook Negussie first got involved in cycling through our Major Taylor Project.

Now a freshman at the University of Washington in Seattle, 18 year-old Brook is studying computer engineering and says he is a "a role model for people who want to exercise, but [who] don't have time."

Brook is attending the Youth Bike Summit (YBS), Friday, Feb. 13 - Sunday, Feb. 15. This touchstone national event has taken place in New York City for the past four years. Seattle is honored to host the Youth Bike Summit for its first year on the road and Cascade Bicycle Club is proud to be a sponsor and support youth bike leaders. 

Brook shares his excitement for the upcoming YBS with us. 

What are you working on this year in preparation for the Youth Bike Summit? Are you giving a workshop, presentation or talk at YBS?

This year I am working on creating a great speech for the introduction to the Youth Bike Summit. I am doing this because I want to get the people more excited about being at the summit. It will not only positively impact them, but also their community.

What inspires you about YBS?

What inspires me is having all these amazing people traveling from around the country and even around the world just to learn more about how they can improve their communities through the use of bicycles.

What are you looking forward to at this year's summit?

I am looking forward to meeting a variety of people with different ideas on how to create a bike revolution.

Why is gathering youth around bicycling important to you?

It is very important because youth are the future; if they care about biking and they see the obstacles cyclists have to constantly face the youth can help create solid solutions. One example is cars and bikes sharing the road where bikers do not feel safe. Creating a solution to this problem will motivate other people to ride a bike instead of driving their car, which will help protect our environment.

If someone asked you why they should attend the Youth Bike Summit, what would you tell them?

There will be people from around the country as well as some people from around the world coming to this summit to produce coherent ideas to get more people on bikes, because bikes are one of the only ways we are actually going to change the world.

So please come and help us brainstorm ways to create a bike revolution because the world needs it!

Early-bird tickets for the Youth Bike Summit are available until Sunday, Jan.18. Get your ticket today.