Bike commute in 2015: five tricks to help you stick with it

So, your New Year’s resolution is to bicycle to work more often? Great! Here are five tips to keep you motivated as you pedal into the new year. 

1. Get ready the night before. 

It may sound elementary but getting ready for work or school the night before does wonders for your morning. It can be so tempting to hop in the car if you are scrambling to find your keys or fix a flat tire. Check that your bike is working well and your tires are pumped the night before. Pack your bag and lunch, pick out your outfit and the morning will be a breeze.

2. Treat your commute like a daily adventure.

Leave enough time to try a new route. Stop at that cafe or shop you’ve always been wondering about. Notice and appreciate one beautiful thing on your ride (and please, for goodness sake, post it on Instagram and tag us @cascadebicycle so we can enjoy it too).

3. Contemplate just how much time you stand to waste stuck in car traffic.

The average car-commuting Seattleite spends 48 hours per year stuck in traffic, according to the Texas Institute of Transportation. For daily motivation to avoid the gridlock, follow Seattle Department of Transportation on Twitter @seattledot. SDOT posts traffic updates and estimated vehicle traffic delays – it’s real-time inspiration to get you moving on your bike.

4. Get a partner in crime.

A friend, partner, colleague or neighbor heading the same way by bike can keep you motivated – and accountable – to your new riding regimen.

5. Count the ways bicycling to work will help you reach your other New Year’s resolutions.
  • You’ll save money. Keep track of your savings and reward yourself to a movie or night on the town.
  • You’ll lose weight. First-time bicycle commuters will lose on average 13 pounds in their first year.
  • You’ll be happier. Seriously, you will.
  • Daily time in the saddle will get you ready for our amazing Cascade rides, like the Group Health STP, RSVP and High Pass Challenge.