Cascade is working to make riding a bike a safe, comfortable experience for all who want to ride. One more bicyclist’s death or serious injury is one too many. That’s why we are working toward a Vision Zero goal.

Vision Zero is a road safety effort that began in Sweden in the late 1990s to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries on their roads. By designing and building streets that are safe for all users, we can dramatically improve the safety of our roads. As cyclists we are vulnerable road users, but through engineering, enforcement and education—along with embracing a culture of respect—communities can work towards eliminating senseless crashes on our streets.

"One more bicyclist’s death or serious injury is one too many."

– Jeff Aken

We envision a future where there are zero bicyclist traffic deaths in the Puget Sound Region.

To work toward that vision, we will collaborate with cities in the region, supporting them in adopting Vision Zero goals in their community. We will work to convene engineers, planners and designers to ensure that streets are designed in a way that increases safety for those riding a bike, walking, using transit or driving. We will partner with educators and law enforcement officers to refine our education efforts and ensure that all users are following the rules of the road.

We are beginning work on a rider code of conduct that we hope all members and participants in our events will agree to follow. With the Vulnerable User Law; the Neighborhood Safe Streets bill that allows municipalities to adopt a 20 mph speed limit bill on nonarterial streets; and with protected bike lanes and neighborhood greenways as our tools, we will make our streets safer for all users.

The time is now. One more death is one too many. We hope you’ll join us in our Vision Zero efforts.

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Jeff Aken