Restricted right turns onto Mercer Street to protect cyclists

Beginning today motorvehicles traveling south on Dexter Avenue North  will no longer be able to turn right onto westbound Mercer Street, the Seattle Department of Transportation announced. The restriction was implemented to ensure bicyclists traveling through the intersection are not at risk of being struck by turning vehicles. 

"We are encouraged by the Seattle Department of Transportation's pro-active steps to safeguard the lives of Seattleites. Dexter Avenue is well known as one of the more dangerous streets in the city with many high profile collisions in recent years, including the death of Michael Wang in 2011," said Brock Howell, Cascade's Policy & Government Affairs Manager. "As Dexter Avenue and Mercer Street continue to undergo significant improvements, it only makes sense to continue to evaluate and modify street design to ensure all people -- whether they are driving a car, riding a bike or walking -- can move safely through the corridor."

SDOT suggests that motorvehicles traveling southbound on Dexter may instead use eastbound Roy Street and southbound Ninth Avenue North to reach westbound Mercer Street.