How to Have Fun as a Trail Guide

Bike-n-Brews is just around the corner. Since this ride is welcoming to newer riders it is especially important to make sure everyone knows where to go. While we do mark the route and provide maps/ cue sheets there are still those tricky spots for people to navigate. That is why we recruit a few volunteers to stand at those key intersections and guide people in the right direction.

We are still looking for 6 volunteers to act as trail guides. While this is an incredibly important job, it can seem well...a little bit boring. But have no fear, future Cascade volunteers, there are a lot of ways to have fun with this position. 

  • Bring a friend! We assign two trail guides per location so sign up with someone you like
  • Wear a silly costume 
  • Take pictures 
  • Tweet - seriously. Use the #bikenbrews and share the pictures you take
  • Bring music, make it a trail guide dance party
  • Be loud and cheer
  • Be Social and chat with people on the ride
  • Earn double credit hours 

Most importantly...sign up here to help out!