Partners for progress

It's a drumbeat.

It's said among staff, who admire the work being done around the region. It's said among volunteers, who know that our success depends on working well with others. It's said among board members, who want Cascade to lift up other people and organizations doing work with cyclists.

It's said among members, who often belong to many groups, and value them all.




We are working better with Washington Bikes, ensuring a coherent voice in Olympia speaking up for cycling.

We are working better with Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, a group that has electrified the conversation around liveable streets and engaged a whole new generation of advocates.

We are working better with Redmond Cycling Club, and other clubs in the region, to encourage and partner around excellent riding opportunities.

We are working better with Bike Works, a group whose work complements and enriches ours. We're cheering on Puget Sound Bike Share.

We're partnering with Feet First. We're meeting with Transportation Choices Coalition. The list goes on and on.

All of these groups, and many more, are working to build a better Puget Sound region, and we all recognize that our successes are intimately tied with the successes of other groups. It's a drumbeat, and we're marching to it.

Partners for progress!