Visions for the Cascade Bicycle Club - a poem

At our last board meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 14, AmeriCrops volunteer Matt Metcalf surprised us all with a secret talent: poetry. As he shared his vision for Cascade with our board and staff, he did so in rhyme:

Visions for the Cascade Bicycle Club
By Matt Metcalf, on staff lyricist

The future of our dear CBC
Looks a great deal like anarchy
Terribly true
Rather than what we do
It’s all about what we must BE

The power belongs to everyone
To share of their gifts and their fun
Oh what a sensation
To know your vocation
And feel that the work’s never done

But the work itself causes no pain
And our efforts are never in vain
As if guided from above
All our sweat comes from love
We’re collectively takin’ the lane

Lack of money is no basis for worry
And our team’s a diverse racial slurry
Whether queer or straight
There exists no debate
We move quickly together without hurry

The young and the old alike
Tell exclusiveness to take a hike
You may ride a fixie
Or fancy a mixte
But we all share a love of the bike!

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Anne-Marije Rook