Sportworks earns Silver BizCycle certification

Whether you realize it or not, you’ve seen Sportworks products throughout Seattle, King County and the nation. The Woodinville-based company designs and manufactures transit racks for not only King County Metro buses, but for over 500 transit services around the country.   

It should come as no surprise that Sportworks accommodates and attracts employees who value bicycle commuting. Because of their commendable end-of-trip facilities and bike-friendly approach, Sportworks was recently awarded Silver BizCycle certification. Sportworks received 32 out of 50 possible BizCycle credits, achieving high scores for their workplace infrastructure and their internal messaging and programming. Their facilities include secure long and short term bicycle parking, access to bike maintenance tools, showers, hooks and facilities to hang wet gear, benches and gear storage. Sportworks also advertises for bike-related events, participates in Bike Month and will soon begin hosting bicycle classes for employees.   

Sportworks began as a humble handlebar manufacturer in 1990, housed in a workshop no larger than a two-car garage. Since then, Sportworks has grown tremendously to become a nationally-recognized leader in bicycle parking products by raising industry standards with their cost-effective, functional and aesthetically-pleasing bicycle racks.   

A New member of the Bizcycle Community

Ethan Petro, business development manager at Sportworks, said that they first learned about BizCycle at Cascade’s Bike to Work Breakfast last May. They were inspired by the companies in the first round of certification and knew they wanted to be part of the thriving BizCycle community.  

“We want to be known as a company that not only makes the best cycling-related products in the world, but also a company that views people who cycle as valued employees.” said Petro.

The BizCycle certification process helped them start collecting bicycling-related data, create a transportation master plan and begin thinking about innovative ways to become more bike-friendly.  

“We’re excited about what we have identified both positively and negatively as it gives us encouragement that we’re doing a lot of things well, but also that there is room to grow and room for continuous improvement,” Petro said.   

Looking ahead

Even with an impressive Silver certification, Sportworks looks forward to achieving Gold in the future and has already made plans to improve their multi-modal commuting options. According to Petro, they intend to “install bike racks on their vanpool minivans which will enable a larger percentage of [their] company’s employees to ride a bike to and from the vanpool pickup/drop-off points.” Conveniently located in close proximity to both the Burke Gilman and Sammamish River Trail, Sportworks has great potential to increase their bike commuting population in the years ahead.  

The Cascade Bicycle Club congratulates Sportworks on this wonderful achievement and eagerly awaits their future projects to better accommodate cyclists. 

Interested in BizCycle certification?

Does your business deserve accolades for its bike-friendliness? Are you interested in learning more about bicycling best practices? Whether your organization is looking for more commuting information or is ready to certify, we can help!  The next BizCycle application deadline is Feb. 28. Check out or email for more information.