Ride of the Week: CHEW on This

Warm Up This Winter with a Little Hill-Climbing

Do your New Year's resolutions include meeting new friends, spending more time on the bike or building stamina on hills? This winter you can accomplish all three by attending some or all of the 12-week "Climbing Hills Eastside Winter" (CHEW) series. Every Sunday from January through March you'll find dozens of riders at various Eastside locales dressed for the cold and excited for the hills.

This Sunday, Jan. 12, at the South Bellevue Park & Ride, join the CHEW cyclists for the second ride of the series. Directed by Matthew Wong, Sunday's ride includes two classic Renton-area climbs up from the 169 highway: 140th Way SE and 154th Place SE. In between, you'll enjoy rolling pastoral landscapes and the occasional screaming downhill (what would a hill-climbing series be without those?).

Dressed for the cold, excited for the hills (Photo: Bob Dennis).

There are five pace groups offered: Steady, Moderate, Brisk Minus, Brisk Plus, and Strenuous. That means if you ride faster than 12 mph, CHEW has a pace group for you. Remember that these rides are hilly, though, so choose your pace wisely.

"Expect to be challenged and have a blast doing it,” says Series Director Alexa Volwiler. “These rides are hilly and will challenge you both mentally and physically. Remember, everyone is in the same boat. Some of the hills will be more difficult than others, but they are all doable." Her advice? "Encourage each other and get to know one another!"

For more information on the route or the CHEW series, check out the Meetup Page. See you Sunday!