New year, new look: Cascade Bicycle Club presents a bold new logo

We are excited to unveil a new logo today. Designed pro bono by long-term Cascade supporters, Kotis Design, the new logo represents our more than 40 years of volunteer-led history and our bold vision of connecting the Puget Sound region for cyclists.

"This clean, clear and effective new logo will help us communicate with members, volunteers and partners in the Puget Sound region," said Elizabeth Kiker, executive director. "When people see the bold C and chain link, they will immediately connect it to the Cascade Bicycle Club."

"The designers captured our bold vision and our commitment to the community with the new logo,” said Anne-Marije Rook, Director of Communications.“Kotis has been a valuable partner for many years and they understand the Club and our mission. We’re proud and excited to start 2014 with a new look.”

“We love how the C mark plays with both positive and negative shapes that are fitting for Cascade and its link to the community,” said Nic Thomassen, who together with Tricia Parsons and Levi Hastings designed the logo. “The lowercase type is fun and approachable and creates a series of rounded letterforms to reference wheels and motion. It’s a strong, clean logo that will serve Cascade for years to come.” 

Past logos include:



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Anne-Marije Rook