Going Dutch with Your Bike

On Tuesday, Jan. 14, come get inspired by long-time Cascade members Jeff and Louise Davis as they tell their tales of last summer's bike touring adventures in Europe.

This past summer, Jeff and Louise headed to Europe with their tandem for a trip from Hungary to Holland, following the Danube and Rhine rivers. Just as they finished a 10-day ride through Hungary, that plan went bye-bye when the Danube and Rhine started flooding. What to do with the next seven weeks?

They threw out all their planning and turned the trip into a Tour of Hungary and Holland. They think it turned out better than the original plan. Why? As they will tell and show you, the Netherlands is not just bike-friendly, it's over-the-top bike-friendly, with cycling facilities that sound like fantasies, such as ferries and even a large drawbridge that are just for pedestrians and bikes.

Jeff and Louise will show you some of the beauty and history they found by bike in Hungary and Holland, and even more of the network of bike trails and bike routes that made their trip so terrific, along the Danube in Hungary and in every corner of Holland as they biked through nine of its 12 provinces in their seven weeks there.

They'll also take time to show you how easy (and affordable) it is to have a bike trip beyond belief, even when you plop yourself down with no planning or preparation whatsoever, in the cycling Nirvana of the Netherlands. 

Seattle REI store
222 Yale Ave N 
Tuesday, Jan. 14, 7 p.m. 
​Free entry!