Cascade Bicycle Club welcomes Shannon Koller, Serena Lehman and Anne-Marije Rook to its senior leadership team

Cascade Bicycle Club is excited to announce that Shannon Koller, Serena Lehman and Anne-Marije Rook have been promoted to join its leadership team.

“I’m really excited about the people who have stepped up to fill these three key positions,” said Elizabeth Kiker, Executive Director. “Shannon, Serena and Anne-Marije are fully committed to getting more people on bikes and share a passion for all things bicycling. Additionally, they have eight years of combined experience at Cascade and valuable institutional knowledge. I am confident that they will be key players in moving the Club forward.”

Shannon Koller who joined Cascade in October as its Youth Program Manager, will be spearheading the Education Department. An Advocacy Leadership Institute graduate and a certified League Cycling Instructor, Koller has been an active advocate for Bike to School efforts and led an after-school bike club at Loyal Heights Elementary. Koller also created a community organization, Ballard Bikes, to bring together neighborhood bike to school leaders.

“Moving forward, we are refocusing our efforts in the department to support our mission with programs that have a long-term impact,” stated Koller. “Specifically, we will be investing in our in-and-after school programs. We will continue encouraging and educating people of all ages and abilities to cycle through our youth and adult programming.”

Serena Lehman, a long-time Cascade staff member and bicycling advocate, is stepping up to fill the role of Membership and Outreach Director.  

“As we are going through some programmatic restructuring, we will be focusing our efforts more on our volunteer and membership engagement and recruitment. We want to hear from our members and listen to them,” said Lehman. “After six years of working in Cacade’s outreach department, I’ve come to know our membership and their needs. I’m committed to taking a critical look at how we serve our membership and volunteers with the goals of growing and better engaging our membership and the communities we serve.”

Lastly, Anne-Marije Rook will be taking the helm of Cascade’s Communications Department. She has been with the Club since July 2012 and will bring her seven years of communications experience as a journalist to a new leadership role.

“With our new website as an example, Cascade is making a strong investment in communications. I’m excited to spearhead a new team and craft a stronger, clearer Cascade voice, message and appearance,” said Rook. “A strong communications department is just one of the many ways we are refocusing our efforts on reaching a wider and more diverse demographic while better serving our existing membership.”

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Elizabeth M Kiker