Dorothé Leads Her First Ride

Cascade's Free Daily Rides program has over 250 ride leaders, of all shapes and sizes, leading rides to all the far corners of the Puget Sound.  These ride leaders are regular folks from all walks of life who have been bitten by the riding bug.  They choose to share their love of riding with the rest of us, often inviting us into their neighborhoods for a tour around their favorite roads.

Dorothe (3)This week, Dorothé Reijnders will lead her very first Free Daily Ride.

"The best rides I have found are the rides with Cascade, enjoying the beauty of the Greater Puget Sound with wonderful, interesting, uncomplicated people, being outside and getting a workout.  I love it," said the new ride leader.

I had the pleasure of riding with her for many miles this spring during the Cascade Training Series, where she brightened up our days with her infectious smile and enthusiasm--and cookies.

One weekend when she couldn't ride due to being on call, she met up with us at the first rest stop, handing out cookies to all 200-some riders who came through.

"Yes, cookies and me kind of go together.  Whenever I lead hiking groups or trail clean-ups, I always have cookies at the end. It gives people a reason to mingle and the last ones (often the ones who are most tired) don't arrive at an empty parking lot," she explained.

Ride with her enough, perhaps you’ll sample some of her cookies, too!

Please join Dorothé for her first ride this Saturday, Nov. 2, at the Lowell Riverfront Trailhead in Everett. This mostly flat ride proceeds at a moderate pace up to Lake Stevens.  There, the group will a stop for a snack at the Oven Monkey Bakery to support this new local, independent business.  The staff is very friendly and they look forward to welcoming her riders.

Find more details at the ride posting, and be sure to RSVP at