Finally, a safe bicycling route on Westlake Avenue

During the 2007 Seattle Bicycle Master Plan process, Westlake was the second-most requested facility for bicycle infrastructure improvements in the city after Eastlake Avenue.


And when we look at it, it is clear why. People don't feel safe riding a bike to where they need to go.  Westlake is an unpleasant, unsafe corridor that many have long wished to be improved.

Fortunately, there's hope.  With a protected bikeway proposed in Seattle's Bicycle Master Plan Update for Westlake, the city is working to create safe places for people to walk and bike. This project will connect South Lake Union and Downtown to Fremont, the Ship Canal Trail and Burke-Gilman Trail.

The city needs to hear from people like you that making our streets safer is a priority.  That's why next Monday, October 28, staff from Seattle's Department of Transportation will be hosting an open house to hear what your vision for Westlake Avenue is.


Westlake Avenue North Protected Bike Lane Open House
Monday, Oct. 28
5-7 p.m. (presentation beginning at 5:30 p.m.)
B.F. Day Elementary School, 3921 Linden Ave N, Seattle 98103
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