Walla Walla getaway weekend

Walla WallaJoin a dozen Cascade ride leaders and riders from the Wheatland Wheelers for a tour around the beautiful Walla Walla region this weekend.

Starting Friday, Oct. 4, rides at various paces will cover 50 to 60 miles that day, followed by an even longer day (80 to 100 miles) on Saturday.

On the final day, Sunday, Oct. 6, the rides will be shorter, about 30-40 miles.

Please note that these rides are not supported, though there will be many short stops along the way. Riders are expected to bring their own food and drinks, lights, and be able to fix flats or mechanical issues should they occur. Hotel accommodations are to be arranged by the riders for themselves. Those wishing to attend should e-mail ride director Alexa Volweiler at alexa.volwiler@gmail.com.

For more information, please visit the full listings on the Cascade Free Daily Rides site.

Looking for more riding opportunities? All Cascade free daily rides are published online. Everyone is welcome, but if you’re new, please read through our information for newcomers and parents.