Tunnel Time! Come ride the Iron Horse Trail over Snoqualmie Pass

This Sunday, join ride leaders  Marizel Miller and Brad Coston for some tunnel time!

Tunnel time: the time to put your road bike away and head out for a 42 mile ride on a mountain, cross, touring or hybrid bike.

The 42-mile ride is all gravel, so you'll want to be riding on wide, low pressure tires for this one.

And bring lights --you'll need them for the 2.3-mile long tunnel at the pass.  This is the longest trail tunnel in the United States!  Oh, and you will be traveling 1500' under ground in places, so bring a jacket. It can get cool .

The group will meet at the Iron Horse Trail parking Area in North Bend and then head 19 miles up the 2 percent grade John Wayne Trail to Snoqualmie Pass.  You'll then enter the Snoqualmie Tunnel which was built between 1912-1914 for railroad passage.  The rail line was abandoned in 1980 and later acquired by the state of Washington for recreational use and became part of a rails to trails conversion.

For more details on the ride, see the full posting on the Free Daily Rides page.

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