Bike Expo spotlight: 333Fab

We’ve got an exciting line-up for this year’s Seattle Bicycle Expo, to be held March 9 and 10. From thrilling stunt shows to DIY-crafts to inspiring presenters, Expo has it all. Of course, it wouldn’t be an expo without exhibitors. More than 200 exhibitors will set up booths at Smith Cove Cruise Terminal to show off new bikes, gear, fitness plans, and travel opportunities at the 2013 Seattle Bike Expo. The terminal’s 135,000-square foot, two-floor space will buzz with local bike shops and nationally recognized manufacturers showing off their latest wares. Leading up to the Seattle Bike Expo, we will highlight some of these vendors here on the blog.

Among the hundreds of vendors will be 333Fab high-performance custom bicycles. 333fab bicycles are handmade in Seattle, one at a time, by one of the best titanium bike builders in the US, Max Kullaway. With a background in painting and metal sculpture, Kullaway has been building high-performance bicycles for over 20 years for companies such as Merlin, Seven Cycles, Hampsten and Davidson. An accomplished racer himself, Kullaway designs and builds each frame to meet the unique needs of the individual customer with the goal of integrating fit, position and handling characteristics.

“When a bicycle is built right”, says Kullaway “it feels like a natural extension of yourself."

Kullaway is one of the presenters at Bike Expo. On Saturday, March 9, Kullaway will be hosting an informative session about the difference between buying a custom frame versus buying one off the rack.


The Builder - Max Kullaway from Loaded Pictures on Vimeo.

For more information, visit the 333Fab website and come check out the bikes at the Seattle Bike Expo!