Bike Expo spotlight: AutoBike

We’ve got an exciting line-up for this year’s Seattle Bicycle Expo, to be held March 9 and 10. From thrilling stunt shows to DIY-crafts to inspiring presenters, Expo has it all. Of course, it wouldn't be an expo without exhibitors. More than 200 exhibitors will set up booths at Smith Cove Cruise Terminal to show off new bikes, gear, fitness plans, and travel opportunities at the 2013 Seattle Bike Expo. The terminal’s 135,000-square foot, two-floor space will buzz with local bike shops and nationally recognized manufacturers showing off their latest wares. Leading up to the Seattle Bike Expo, we will highlight some of these vendors here on the blog.

Among the hundreds of vendors will be Autobike, a company that is rolling out an innovative bicycle with automatic shifting that promises to deliver “the simplest, smoothest, most comfortable riding experience ever.”

Created in January 2011, the bicycles are equipping with Autobike’s proprietary automatic shifting system.

“Whether a rider is going fast or slow, up or down a hill, our bike keeps them in that perfect gear to maximize comfort.  All a rider needs to do is pedal, and simply enjoy the ride,” said co-founder Kevin Smith.

How it works:

There are four major components to our shifting system:

(1)    The Brains: there is a small computer and sensors discreetly located on the bike to make the magic happen.  This feature tells the bike when to shift gears so you don’t have to.

(2)    Gear Shifter: the gear changer receives a signal from “the brains” and, through the use of a small motor attached to the rear hub, moves the transmission into the optimal position to maintain rider comfort.

(3)    Transmission: our bike is equipped with a NuVinci N360 rear hub. This means you will have smooth, seamless shifts.

(4)    Self-generating Power: we power the brains and gear shifter as you pedal thanks to a front hub dynamo. There is no need to plug or charge an Autobike.

Autobike’s first line of bikes are comfort, cruiser-style frames targeted at those who are looking for a more casual ride.  A commuter and mountain bike are also in the works, said Smith.

“Our goal is to make riding a bike simple and fun.,” said Smith. “We hope this leads to more people getting on bikes, and riding more often.”

For more information, visit their website and come check them out at the Seattle Bike Expo!