Vote for a bike-friendly future

Ballots for the November election are arriving in your mailboxes, and if we want a future where everyone has the freedom to safely ride their bike we need elected officials committed to building this future.

We work hard to ensure that our elected officials understand and support our vision of a community that bicycles, where bicycling is normal, convenient and safe for everyone; and why we work hard to provide our 14,000 members with information regarding candidates running for office.

All of Cascade's endorsed candidates have shown a strong commitment to working toward a future Washington where everyone who wants to can ride because our state is connected by world-class bicycling infrastructure.

Find your bike-friendly local and state legislators on our Cascade Bicycle Club’s 2012 endorsement list, here. And for more information, check out our 2012 Legislative Scorecard.

Vote bike-partisan this November!

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Anne-Marije Rook