The state of the club

Thanks to all the club members who voted in the most recent club election, and to those who came out to the Annual Membership Meeting on Tuesday. Results will be announced after the election is certified.

Here is the presentation made by Club staff and board, showing the state of the Club.

Following that, Kevin O'Neill, planner at SDOT, presented and took questions on the status of the Seattle Bicycle Master Plan update. O'Neill's final message is this: get involved and stay involved.

For Seattle to move forward with a visionary bicycle master plan, one that designs safer streets for people of all ages and abilities to ride bicycles on them, we need to pull together and work as a united community. What Kevin said is spot-on. If we don't engage the process, our voices won't be heard. Only when we get involved and stay involved, Seattle will make progress on it's goal of building a "high quality bicycle network that connects to places people want to go and provides a time-competitive travel option."

The Seattle Department of Transportation is hosting three open houses next month as the Bicycle Master Plan Update continues. Please save Nov. 7Nov. 8 and Nov. 13 for a chance to review some of the draft plan content. These are exciting times to weigh in on where the City is taking the future of bicycling in Seattle.