Club election results

Thank you to all our club members who came out to the Annual Membership Meeting on Tuesday, Oct.9, and to those who voted in the club election.

Beginning in 2013, we’re expanded our Board of Directors from 12 to 14 members, and we had a four-member slate of qualified candidates running for the two open board seats.

The Board of Directors represents the voice of the members. Its role is to ensure that Club resources are being used to support Cascade’s mission to create a better community through bicycling.

We are pleased to announce that well over 850 members participated in the election and they elected candidates Maggie Anderson and Joe Platzner for a three-year term on the board.

Maggie Anderson

"I truly believe that we can create a better community through bicycling and have seen that happen through Cascade’s youth programs and education work. I bring a fresh perspective, passion for community engagement, steadfast skills in campaign management, and a wide-angle lens on issues communities face when it comes to access to safe environments for cycling. I would be excited to work alongside the board and staff to continue to build club membership and expand reach to new communities and demographics."


Joe Platzner

"Like many people, I owe Cascade Bicycle Club. They helped re-kindle my passion for cycling, and they work to make cycling safer and more enjoyable for everyone. I want cycling to be a mainstream activity for many. I want to see it funded as an essential mode of transportation... I'd like to see Washington State as a model for a bicycle-friendly place to live. Cascade is an influential organization, and I'd like to help leverage this influence... I have some relevant skills, and I have the time to commit to put in the effort required to make a difference. I can bring my leadership experience in strategic planning, network planning, marketing, and program management to the table... I'd like to give back a little since I owe them for getting me back on the bike. "

Additionally, the proposed bylaws changes were adopted with a vote of 750/24/19 (yes/no/abstain).

Cascade is a membership-based organization, and its members ultimately determine the course, impact, and efficacy of the organization in working towards its mission of creating a better community through cycling. Voting in our annual election is a great way to participate in the future of the club and we appreciate your participation.

Interested in becoming a member of the largest bicycle recreation and advocacy organization in the country? Join us!

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Anne-Marije Rook