Today's 8th annual Bike to Work Breakfast

What an amazing turnout at today's Bike to Work Breakfast! I am humbled when I look around the room at this event and see all of the people, companies and organizations who believe in -- and support -- our mission.

A special congratulations to Public Health -- Seattle & King County, which was recognized with the Doug Walker Achievement Award for their Communities Putting Prevention to Work. Through CPPW, Public Health awarded 55 grants to community-based organizations, school districts, consultants and local governments to tackle the prevalence of poor health in communities of south and east King County, specifically through policy and environment changes that will lead to healthier transportation choices and healthier places.

Supported by CPPW funding, Cascade worked with seven jurisdictions in south and east King County to provide guidance and training around the development and adoption of active transportation policies and plans. Eighteen months later, we're excited to announce that this collaboration has paid off. Communities, including Burien, Des Moines, Federal Way, SeaTac and Snoqualmie now have new policies and plans in place -- such as Complete Streets -- establishing the vital voundation for bicycling and walking to be comine viable and attractive means of transportation and recreation in these communities.

Today's keynote speaker, Congressman Earl Blumenauer of Oregon held Seattle up as Portland's "big sister" to the north. He praised us for being the nation's most popular city. But, alas, we are falling behind Portland and other cities in terms of bicycling leadership. Portland gets that bicycling is part of a lifestyle that matters to people, and it helps attract talent and businesses. Based on changes that Rep. Blumenauer sees across the country -- notably in the District of Columbia -- bicycling isn't just a passing fad or "weird Pacific Northwest thing". It's a movement that's taken hold and accelerating.

Chuck Ayers, Cascade Executive Director, reminded us all in the room -- citizen activists to elected leaders -- that there is much work to be done in our region, and that we're hungry to see Seattle and Washington lead the way for bicycling and accelerate the movement locally. Some of our work over the next year -- working for the Seattle Bicycle Master Plan 2.0, launching the Advocacy Leadership Institute and releasing BizCycle -- are some of the key ways we're working to push the dial.

For me, the best moment (after hearing Blumenauer wax poetic about Portland) was our new video. Please meet three people who -- with your support and the support of Cascade Bicycle Club and our Education Foundation -- are helping lead the way in their communities. Brooks Stanfield of Burien, Madi Carlson of Seattle and Oliyad Beyene of Seatac.

Thank you to everyone who gave in support our mission
of creating a better community through bicycling.