Gregg's 4th Annual Women on Wheels

As a bicyclist I wear a few different hats. One is as a bicycle commuter, another is as an employee of Cascade Bicycle Club and another is as a woman.

Being a woman who rides a bike doesn’t seem like anything special. But that just isn’t true. Currently, in Washington, only 30 percent of bicyclists are women. Through my position at Cascade I hear all sorts of reasons why women don’t ride. There are no safe routes, not knowing what to wear and convenience are some of the most common reasons. One that is near and dear to my heart is that cycling can feel like a man’s world. When a woman walks into a bicycle shop it isn’t always the most welcoming feeling as it is set-up to cater to its customer base, men. I have been riding for a long time, so while it doesn’t deter me, it is just a little annoying. But for those women who are interested but are new, this whole experience can be a deterrent from getting started on a bicycle.

That is all changing. On Thursday, March 1 at 6:30 p.m., Gregg’s Cycle will be holding its fourth annual Women on Wheels event. This is a great chance to learn all about cycling in a fun and woman-friendly environment. Our very own Kat Sweet will be MCing the event. There will be cycling presentations and clinics, as well as factory reps on hand to answer any and all questions and show off some of the newest gear. Luckily, for me and others with two X chromosomes, more bicycle retailers are making women-specific gear. There will be complimentary food and beverages, chocolate from Theo Chocolate, coffee from Revolutions, and other goodies to make sure that everyone is completely refreshed! There will even be a bike valet to park your two-wheeled ride for the night. Plus, the first 300 women in the door receive a free goodie bag! Already a bicyclist? Make it a women’s night out and bring a friend! RSVP at

Last year more than 300 women attended this fantastic event. One of the highlights was their responses to the question of, “What is more scary than bicycling?” Our favorites were: running out of chocolate, getting married, Justin Bieber, bad hair days, not being able to find parking, paperwork and parenting. Bicycling doesn’t seem so intimidating in comparison.

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Serena J Lehman