Cascade election results

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I want to express my appreciation to everyone who participated in the annual membership meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 11, and to everyone who voted in the election of new directors and regarding the proposed modifications to the by-laws. Cascade is a membership-based organization, and its members ultimately determine the course, impact, and efficacy of the organization in working towards its mission of creating a better community through cycling. Each of us has an impact on furthering that mission as we ride, speak with, and interact with other members of the communities of which we are all part.

As a Board, we were gratified at the election of four very strong new directors, and we look forward to working closely with Dr. Rayburn Lewis, Mo McBroom, Charles Ruthford, and Ed Yoshida. I am confident their background, expertise, and passion for cycling will serve the organization very well in the coming years. I would also like to express our deep gratitude to all of the exceptionally strong candidates who stood for election and expressed their commitment to the club and its mission. The club is in an enviable position to have such strong members who are willing to take on volunteer leadership roles within the organization. As a club member, I am grateful to everyone who volunteers their time and devotes their energy to the club and its programs; your passion, enthusiasm, and commitment are an example to all of us. The board would like to see greater participation of the club’s membership at all levels, including balloting, rides and community events. As you’re thinking about how and where you can participate, please consider inviting friends, colleagues and other club members to join you!

There was valuable discussion at this year’s membership meeting surrounding the bylaws and the need for the proposed changes, which were ultimately passed by the membership. As indicated there, the changes are intended to improve the consistency and clarity of the bylaws as they relate to the governance and administration of Cascade. No bylaws are perfect, to be sure, but as an organization of 14,000-plus members, and growing, this board is committed – as previous boards have been –to maintaining the integrity and soundness of the organization so that it can continue to play an effective and impactful role in the community and in serving the various constituencies the club serves. The changes represented a good-faith effort on the part of the Board to address some important issues that – in our view – needed updates, modification, and clarity. In the coming year, the Board will continue a thorough review of the organization’s by-laws as a whole and will seek to improve those by-laws to ensure Cascade remains a robust and capable organization that is equipped to deal with the challenges and opportunities it will continue to face.

It was extremely gratifying to hear from Cascade’s professional staff as they shared highlights of the work and impact of the club’s program areas in 2011. Anyone who was there can attest to the important impact the club has, and should have confidence in the club’s ability to continue to play an active and important role in education, advocacy, recreation, and outreach in the coming years.

As we look ahead to 2012, I can assure you that the Board of Directors is committed to serving the club, its members, and its mission in as thoughtful, deliberate, and active a way as we can. I encourage you to reach out to board members – join us for rides, or for a cup of coffee, or to attend a meeting. While there is room for improvement, we are doing our best to operate in a manner that is transparent, collaborative, and inclusive; please continue to provide us your thoughts and feedback so that we can do so even more effectively.

Finally, a note of appreciation and commendation to Ms. Joey Gray, whose term on the Board ended in October. Joey served the organization admirably during a period of transition and some uncertainty, and was a passionate and engaged board member throughout her tenure. We all benefitted from her insight and perspective.

Thank you again to everyone. Keep the wheels turning!

George Durham
Board President, Cascade Bicycle Club