Vote Pro-Bike: Cascade issues endorsements for the general election
Vote by bike

Post co-written by John Mauro, Director of  Policy, Planning & Govt Affairs and Kevin Carrabine, Board of Directors and Legislative Committee Chair. In less than a month, your ballot will arrive in the mail—and you’ll need to make decisions about who should represent you, your vision for our community and your values. Of course, we know that most if not all of you share our vision for a community where bicycling is safe, normal, and embraced by everybody and where it contributes to a healthier, more livable and more economically vibrant place to work, live, learn and play. We also know that most if not all of you value pro-bicycle policies (like complete streets ordinances) and bicycle infrastructure (like buffered bike lanes and protected cycletracks)—they’re what give us room on the road, keep us safe and allow us to get where we’re going conveniently. Vision and values become reality through the political process. And that’s why Cascade evaluates and then endorses candidates and measures. Cascade’s board of directors approved early endorsements in June, primary endorsements in July and has now voted to endorse the following for the general election:

Ballot Measures



Please do your part in creating a better community through voting for bicycling. Better yet, volunteer for a campaign and tell your friends, too. (Hint: use the Share It! buttons below.) Together, we can transform our community into the vision of a safer, more mobile, more livable and downright better and more bikeable place for all. Confirm your legislative district and voter information here. Review Cascade Bicycle Club's Endorsement Policies and Procedures (PDF). Learn more about Cascade’s endorsement process and how to get involved at our Elections Page. We will update this page as we continue to evaluate candidates in the coming weeks, and we’ll post the latest news here on the Bike Blog.