Cascade endorses candidates for the primary election

In June Cascade's board of directors approved the early endorsement of 10 local elected officials who have made a difference for bicycling in the Puget Sound Region. Today they finalized their endorsements for the August 16 primary election. Ballots are being mailed right now, so keep an eye out for your ballot in the mail over the next few days!

You can learn more about Cascade's endorsement process and how to get involved at our Elections Page. We will update this page as we continue to evaluate candidates into the fall, and we'll post the latest news here on the Bike Blog.

Last year we opened up our endorsements to state legislative candidates from around Washington in order to press for important laws like the Vulnerable User Bill. In our travels and our research we've met many local leaders who are working to make more bicycle-friendly communities. From Bellingham to Spokane, this year's endorsements recognize budding bicycle movements in many of our cities. Below, we've listed our endorsements as they stand today.

Seattle ballot measure
Referendum 1 Reject
Endorsed Candidates on the Primary Ballot
Dan Pike Mayor of Bellingham
Lucy Krakowiak Burien City Council
Mike Cooper Mayor of Edmonds
Joe McDermott King County Council
Dave Asher Kirkland City Council
Dwight Thompson Mayor of Lake Forest Park
Sally Clark Seattle City Council
Ben Stuckart Spokane City Council
Mary Verner Mayor of Spokane
Endorsed Candidates for the November 8 General Election
Claudia Balducci Bellevue City Council
John Chelminiak Bellevue City Council
Joshua Schaer Issaquah City Council
Jessica Greenway Kirkland City Council
Catherine Stanford Lake Forest Park City Council
Richard Hildreth City of Pacific Mayor
Joshua Putnam Pacific City Council
Tim Burgess Seattle City Council