What you need to know about riding Chilly Hilly this Sunday

Chilly Hilly is a fundraiser for Cascade Bicycle Club, a 501(c)4 organization. Cascade has been dedicated to creating a better community through bicycling since 1970. Thanks for riding - we appreciate your support!

Here's some important information:


With the recent cold and snow spell across the region, many are wondering about the status of the event. Chilly Hilly will not be canceled. If the roads are slick, the start will be delayed until they thaw out. However, Saturday’s forecast is for clear weather, and Sunday looks to be in the 40s, with a chance of rain. Please use good sense and ride according to the conditions.


For your safety, fast riders will ride from ferries onto the route first so there is less conflict on the roads. Riders will be staged in different ferry lines for loading according to the following categories:

  • Fast (18 + mph and above)
  • Medium (13 - 17 mph)
  • Leisurely/slow (below 13 mph)

Remember that cycling cleats cannot be worn on the passenger deck of the ferry.

Are you a first-timer on the event? Later ferries offer several advantages. The 9:35 and the 10:30 ferries are less crowded. Your ride will be warmer. Since the course is open until 3, there is no need to rush.

[Ferry schedule... 7:55, 8:45, 9:35, 10:35]

Food stops

Chilly Hilly has one official food stop, located at mile 19.3, and stocked to the brims with homemade cookies and hot cider.

Don't forget to bring some cash! The other stops along the route are fundraisers for a wonderful group of Bainbridge Island charities. At mile 14.6, theBainbridge Island Rope Skippers will have hot food and drink for sale. Don't miss the Finish Line Festival with fantastic chili feed to support the Squeaky Wheels. This is a great way to give back to the local community.

Once on the Seattle side, come warm up and enjoy a free beer or soft drink at the Pyramid Brewery & Alehouse. The drink ticket included on your bib can be redeemed for one free post-ride beverage. And if you’re craving that post-ride burger (meat or veggie), check out their full menu of delicious pub food.

Pyramid Brewery & Alehouse is located at 1201 1st Ave, just under a mile south of the Bainbridge Ferry Terminal. They also have a large lot with free parking behind their building, so it’s a great location to start and end your ride!

Reminders about safe riding on Bainbridge

Last year’s event was a new record, with just over 6,000 riders. We may not hit that level again, but with thousands of riders on the roads, it’s important that everyone ride safely.

Remember: Roads are open to ALL traffic.

Headphones are not allowed during the ride. Riders must be able to hear approaching traffic clearly, or other riders calling out.

Complete the emergency contact information on the back of your bib. Attach your bib to your shirt and your bike. This allows us to keep track of your gear should you become separated from it.

Make your intentions known through signaling or calling out. If you dismount on a hill, pull over to the right and walk single-file uphill. Walking several abreast in the road forces other riders out to the left.

Do not cross the center line! Riders, drivers and residents report seeing people who do this, and it’s unsafe and risks the event for all involved.

Riding single file is safer, especially when on a narrow road where cars or other bicyclists might want to pass you. Please be courteous to other riders and Island residents.

All riders must follow the rules of the road and RIDE SMART:

  • Stay Alert - watch for cars, other riders, and hazards.
  • Move off the road when stopping - pull completely off the road or trail to let cars and riders pass; please do not block driveways or intersections.
  • Act like a car - OBEY ALL TRAFFIC LAWS, stop at stop signs, and use hand signals.
  • Retain space between yourself and others - leave room to dodge obstacles.
  • Tell others when passing on the left (don’t pass on the right).

Ride Referees

Wave to our "Ride Refs," wearing black-and-white jerseys, who will be on the course to ensure people ride safely. At rest stops, Ride Refs will be on-hand to answer questions about safe riding skills.

Hats, T-shirts and more

Chilly Hilly apparel will be for sale at the finish line across the street from the chili feed.

As always, our volunteers and staff will be on site to assist you as much as possible. Have a safe, enjoyable ride. Thanks for supporting the Club.