Award winning film "Bicycle Dreams" at REI

They are seekers, madmen, and angels hell-bent on riding across America on a bicycle in less than ten days. This event is called The Race Across America… But what begins as the adventure of a lifetime is transformed in an instant when tragedy strikes the race. These voyagers discover what is truly at stake as they pedal on, praying for the deliverance only the finish line can bring. By journey's end, some are saved, others are lost, but all learn that the fuel that takes a soul toward its own true destiny is desire.

"Bicycle Dreams is a beautiful film that probes deeply into the sport’s heart of darkness, offering an inspiring glimpse at the high price of glory."- USA Today

"A spectacular and heartfelt film that offers a riveting portrait of extreme courage in the face of inhuman obstacles.  Bicycle Dreams is an artistic triumph that renewed my belief in the power of desire and the strength of the human will."- The Love of Movies

Bicycle Dreams has won twelve different Film Festival awards this year

For more information and additional reviews please visit the films official website or view the trailer

Cascade Presentation Series
Bicycle  Dreams

A film by Stephan Auerbach
Tuesday April 13,  7 p.m.
Seattle REI, 222 Yale Street (New state of the art projection and surround sound system)
$10 tickets ($8 CBC members with membership card)
Advance tickets for sale online

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