Night riders
Crossing the Williamsburg Bridge at 3 a.m. by Jacob Mason

Crossing the Williamsburg Bridge at 3 a.m. by Jacob Mason

Last week, the Spokes section of the New York Times City Room Blog covered the magic of night riding, putting out a call for photos from people who ride at night. Today they posted a selection of shots and stories.

Not much night riding for me these days, but I distinctly recall riding at night with college friends, the streets silent but for our laughter and freedom. There's something equally tranquil about riding alone at night, then stopping to hear one's own heartbeat or to notice the scurry of a rodent sneaking back to shadowy anonymity.

Before our daylight hours lengthen and the rain takes a break (that will happen, right?), I imagine there are similar mystical scenes taking place throughout our region. My mind's eye sees cyclists appearing through mist, headlights bouncing off raindrops, ferries lit up in the background, intriguing flotsam and jetsam visible only from a cyclist's point of view, scenes observed from your own anonymous shadow.

Maybe it's not all that romantic. Or is it? Send us (or post a comment with a link) your night riding photos, with a description of what you see on your night rides, and we'll post them here.

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