Earn-A-Scraper spray paint night
The Crew

The Crew

Our scraper bike program with the Sand Point Transitional Housing kids is off the chain!

We meet once a week, spend an hour learning how to work on bikes then we spend 90 minutes tricking out bikes. So far we’ve worked on the A, B, C, Quick Check, fixing flat tires, taking apart, cleaning and putting back together hubs, and headsets. The kids come up with their own designs for their hubs and paint jobs. Last night the kids all disassembled their bikes, removing wheels, handlebars and forks off, taping any critical areas and finally spray painting the bikes.

Nick-MARTAIt never ceases to amaze me how creative kids are. Mar has a 50/50 paint job (orange on one side, blue on the other), Binyam has an orange frame with a blue rear triangle and blue steer tube, Jamie did a bling-bling gold frame, Edam worked on some amazing black and white rim designs, Carter went with a green frame with a gold front chainring for his “watermelon” theme, and Nick is working on his hometown MARTA (Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) theme with blue, yellow and orange stripes. After cleaning up we finished the night with popsicle circle, each kid telling the rest of the group what they learned and liked about the night.