Roadside Repair

Course Description

Roadside Repair focuses on any major repairs you may need to make to your bike when you are out riding. While we won’t be covering fixing a flat or preventative maintenance we will be looking at:

  • What to keep in your tool kit and why 
  • Chain falling off your cassette or chain rings 
  • Loose bolts and critical bolts
  • Sudden brake rubbing
  • Derailleur failure
  • How to fix a broken chain

Whether you’re a beginner rider or have many miles under your tires, these skills will help you to be more self-sufficient in the case of a breakdown. This is great know-how for anyone looking to feel more confident in leading a group of riders or going on more solo trips. 


Class Size: minimum: 5, maximum: 8  

Price: member $35, non-member $40

Duration: 2 hours

Prerequisites: none

How to prepare: Bring your bike as you will be doing basic maintenance on your own bike. 

Location: Cascade Bicycle Club, 7787 62nd Ave. NE Seattle, WA 98115. We are located right off of the Burke Gilman Trail at Magnuson Park.

Bike Parking: Bike racks available outside the building as well as limited indoor space.

Other classes you may be interested in: Chains and Derailleurs; Brake System Maintenance; Fix-a-Flat; Basic Cycling Techniques; Urban Cycling Techniques

Community Education Manager
Amy Korver
(206) 620-0459
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Thu. Dec 9, 2021 6:00pm to 8:30pm | Seattle
Cascade Bicycle Club
7787 62nd Ave NE
Seattle, WA 98115
United States